Public Safety

Public Safety is my top priority. Period.

I live here with my family, and my children go to Oro Valley schools. I have every reason to want a safe community, just like you do.

Accordingly, I am thrilled that Oro Valley was recently named the top safest city in Arizona according to FBI crime statistics.

I helped hire our Police Chief, Kara Riley, who has twice been named Best in the Northwest as a community leader. I provide her all the support she needs or asks for, and have a good relationship with her and with our police department. I have voted in favor of every police department budget request and request for new officers along with the rest of the Council. I support having School Resource Officers in our Oro Valley schools.

Recently, I voted to raise our officer’s salary, making them the best paid police force in Southern Arizona.

We also fully funded our Police Pension that had been ignored by prior Councils, saving the tax-payers anywhere from $10-30 Million. It will save $30 Million if it performs as scheduled.

Everyone wants to live in a safe community, and your current Mayor and Council is doing all we can to support your public safety in Oro Valley, with great success.