Land Use

I do not take donations from developers or land use special interest groups so that I can represent you, the citizens, in every re-zoning request.

This has allowed me to work with Council to limit the height of buildings to protect our viewsheds, help push back against development and preserve 202 acres of open space at Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve, preserve land for commercial and employment use, and help negotiate the successful annexation of the Westward Look resort.

Representing you matters. As Oro Valley has smaller amounts of land available for building, I do not believe we are in a race towards the finish line. We need to carefully consider the best use of each land and keep land for commercial and employment uses available so we can have a balanced land use plan.

For four years, I have helped to maintain the 2016 voter-approved General Plan, as I said I would when I ran for office. The next General Plan will be developed soon, and having people on Council who represent the citizens during that process will be very important.