My commitment to you is that I will not accept campaign contributions from developers and special interest groups. You will know that every decision I make is designed to serve and benefit the residents and citizens of the Town of Oro Valley.

The mayor and all 6 members of the current council have campaigns funded almost entirely by developers and special interest groups. They then vote on projects brought to them by the same groups who donated to their campaign. Since the 2016 elections, they have voted in favor of all 14 zoning changes requested of them. 13 of these were 7-0 votes. They also fund our money losing golf course with tax dollars for the benefit of some campaign contributors.

In the 2015 recall campaign, Satish Hiremath raised $104,109 and outspent Pat Straney 15 to 1. This is an enormous amount of money for a Town with less than 50k people.  It makes you think that the businesses who donated that much money had a lot to gain. He still only won with 51% of the vote.

From 2014 to 2016 in the last election, the mayor and council have received $146,612 combined. Here is a chart that shows where those contributions come from.

HSL Properties is the owner of the El Conquistador Hotel, and the architect and primary beneficiary of the Town’s money losing golf course purchase. They are also an apartment developer, and have had one complex approved by the mayor and council with another pending approval after the election.

The Kai Family owns much of the vacant land left in Oro Valley, and has been the beneficiary of significant zoning intensification.

Diamond Ventures, Venture West, and Vistoso Partners are real estate development firms.

Greg Wexler is a land broker who does a lot of business in Oro Valley.

The mayor and council couch these donations as “relationships.” However, we all know what money does to relationships.

It’s time for this to stop. It’s time for a mayor and council who answer to and serve the people of Oro Valley.