Did you know that Riverfront Park was once slated for an apartment complex? It was made a community park through dedicated citizen involvement. Great parks do not just happen, people make them happen.

In the 8 years that this mayor and council have been in control of Oro Valley, not one new playground has been added – this in spite of the fact that this was the top amenity requested by residents in a statistically valid survey conducted by the Town in 2014.

This survey identified Playgrounds, Ramadas, and Walking Paths as the top 3 amenities that residents wanted by quite a bit. Second to last on the survey, with a negative favorability, meaning residents did not want it, was golf. 6 months later the Town bought a golf course, and residents’ desires went ignored.

The Town has lost enough money on golf to put in 57 playgrounds (at the price listed in the defeated Naranja Park bond) or 6 nice splash pads similar to the one in Marana, or an untold number of baseball fields.

In fact, there were no plans to put in a playground or other improvements at Naranja Park for the next nearly 5 years, however once I began discussing this on the campaign trail, suddenly it has been decided that the council will consider it in next year’s budget. They chose not to include it in this year’s budget.

If elected, I will work to make sure that there are Parks and Recreation Programs and amenities in our community that meet the needs and desires of all our residents. This will include a playground at Naranja Park.